Welcome to Lighthouse Roasters

An unassuming little coffee house and roaster in Seattle, Lighthouse Roasters has spent more than ten years creating a loyal following of coffee lovers by treating the coffee buying, roasting and drink-making process as a noble calling.

Lighthouse Roasters creates consistently great coffee in small batches of the freshest premium beans, hand roasted in vintage cast-iron roasters each day. The end result of this process, amazing espresso and French-pressed coffees, are a direct by-product of roastmaster and founder Ed Leebrick's vision of how coffee should be done.



Since Lighthouse Roasters' humble beginnings in 1994, coffee has always been more than four-dollar triple grandes. Like any business, it's about people: Skilled, knowledgeable and funny people who know how to buy, roast and cup unique and compelling coffees. For them, we offer good living wages and a great learning and work environment.

Of course, coffee doesn't begin and end at 43rd and Phinney. Lighthouse Roasters looks for coffee farms and collectives throughout the world who have the same dedication to their people and product as we do. We think you'll find that the stories and tastes behind our global suite of coffees reflect that dedication.

But it's just coffee. So we figured we might as well do it right. In very small batches. On really cool machines. Using methods honed over tenths of centuries. Enjoy.


Online Gift Certificates

Give the gift of amazing coffee by buying a gift certificate for someone who needs the kind of pick-me-up only Lighthouse Roasters can supply. Quick and easy, your lucky recipient will receive an email detailing the process of redeeming the coffee connoisseur's golden gift certificate.